Travelling, creating experiences and memories

Travelling, creating experiences and memories are increasingly become a huge trend in the world today. And we all have that one friend who is always posting pictures of new attractions in highly desirable locations on the other side of the world promoting wanderlust.
Four Seasons Explorer

However, if travelling isn’t really your thing then here is why you should start right now:

  • Say Goodbye to your comfort zone

The true way to discovering one’s self is to be take risks. What’s the point of going through life without the rush of adrenaline and nerves almost drowning you, but realizing that it’s called living life. Travelling will push you in to new places and situations, forcing you to meet new people from dynamic backgrounds.

  • Time Slows Down

With travelling we are forced to live in the present. Not worry about the direction, or the future or the past, just live in the moment and in the experiences. It takes you in to a different horizon which continuously breathes new experiences within which you truly and what seems like eternally live in the present.

  • Gain Important Perspectives

Inevitable venturing out in to different cultures and creeds, meeting people from different situations such as poverty and hunger will put a lot of things in place for you. It will change your opinion about the things in your life and put everything in place, creating an overall positive impact.

  • We are not guaranteed old age

Time is a constant battle that we face in the world today, with constant search for time within our given time period on this Earth. Many of us postpone travelling because of work responsibilities or leave it till retirement that may eat up the time to explore and adventure. Travel early, have no regrets.

  • Finally…

“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt



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